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Detroit Action Issues

Detroit City Council

Districts Drawn – February 17, 2012

The City of Detroit will implement city council members by district in 2013. Current City Council members are drawing new districts now.

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Detroit Retirement System

City Insurance– February 29, 2012

By February, 2012, the City of Detroit’s law department should release a study describing how to implement a city-sponsored homeowners and automobile insurance system.

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Community Advisory Councils

CAC – Ordinance / Elections– March 30, 2012

Community Advisory Councils from each of Detroit’s yet-to-be-drawn districts are intended to provide citizen representation and advisory opinions to the Mayor and City Council.

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Detroit Department of Public Works

Green Initiatives– Begins March 30, 2012

The 2012 Charter mandates that Detroit study and implement a long-term strategic plan that includes green initiatives, technologies and businesses.

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Debarment Ordinance

Debarment Ordinance– April 30, 2012

By April 2012, Detroit City Council must craft and adopt a comprehensive debarment (ban) policy and procedure ordinance for all contractors and vendors to be included in all contract language.

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Residency Requirements

Residency Requirements– April 30, 2012

The 2012 City Charter mandates a one year residency requirement for all elected officials. This will require establishing residency within that district (or in the city) by April 30, 2012.

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Contract Approval and Disclosure

Contract Approval and Disclosure– June 30, 2012

The City Clerk must publish on the City's website a list of all contracts and contractors that have been approved by City Council and are in effect. The list must be updated upon approval, amendment or renewal of a contract.

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Redundancy Report Issued

Redundancy Report Issued– June 30, 2012

The 2012 City Charter requires the three main governmental agencies: Mayor's office, City Council and City Clerk to make every effort possible to streamline government and eliminate duplication of services in order to increase government efficiency and lower costs.

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Appointment of Inspector General

Appointment of Inspector General– NO DATE GIVEN


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